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French Writer Mrs. Virginie BOUYX, Delivered a Lecture in SIS

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On the morning of May 10th, French writer Mrs. Virginie BOUYX delivered a lecture about writing and literature in Room 222, East 6 Building. In the lecture, she gave an introduction about her work Les Fleuristes and shared what she experienced and perceived in writing with the students and teachers from the Institute of French Language & Culture.


Although Mrs. Virginie majored in Law and International Relationship at university, she traveled around many Chinese cities with love for Chinese culture and became deeply appealed to Chinese literature. Also, she lived in Russia for 2 years for work. The different experiences among France, China and Russia remained as the source of inspiration, promoting Mrs. Viginie to publish her first collection of novellas and short stories titled with Les Fleuristes.


In the lecture, Mrs. Viginie read some extracts of her work, told stories of traveling and work and shared her feelings with everyone present. By reading original French version of Mrs. Viginie’s work, everyone perceived not only the beauty of words but unique emotions behind those words. In addition, Mrs. Viginie shared her experience from a literature lover to a writer in vivid words, striking a chord with everyone.


During the Q & A section after the lecture, students raised questions on the topic they were interested in such as the nourishment of writing habit and the direction of reading, and Mrs. Viginie offered answers on the basis of her experience and encouraged students to sustain love towards literature and to keep writing habit. The teachers from the Institute of French Language & Culture joined in the discussion actively, exchanged ideas with Mrs. Vinigie about writing and encouraged students as well. The one-and-a-half-hour lecture and discussion enabled students of appreciating native and beautiful French works, but also benefited them with new insights towards literature writing, a seemingly-distant issue.


(Translated by CHEN Qian)