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Russian Psycholinguist Irina Boubnova Delivered a Lecture in SIS

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At the invitation of Institute of Russian Language & Culture (IRLC), psycholinguist Irina Boubnova, professor from Moscow Municipal Normal University, paid a visit to SIS. On the morning of May 13, Prof. Irina delivered a wonderful lecture named “The World Image in the Perspective of Psycholinguistic” for the teachers and students of IRLC, in the East 6-314. This lecture was hosted by Prof. Wang Yong, the dean of IRLC.


In the lecture, Prof. Irina first pointed out that one of the important tasks in psycholinguistic is to study the essence of the language structure. That is, how we transform the idea we want to express into words, and how we transform the words we hear and read into its deep meaning. However, the meaning of a word changes with the influence of culture, society, individual psychology, etc. Thus, the same word will have different meanings according to different people and will form various “World Image”. After that, Prof. Irina not only analyzed Wittgenstein’s and Heidegger’s definitions of “World Picture”, but also explained relevant theories put forward by several Russian psycholinguists, such as Vygotsky and Leontief. In addition, further relationships of these theories with the comparison between the concepts of “Language Awareness” and “World Image” also had been mentioned in the lecture. By taking the character “Ren” (which means tolerance in English) for example, Prof. Irina explored different “World Image” made by this character in Russian, Chinese and English language to reveal that the level of intelligence, the features of social language group and the individual connotation made up the process of “World Image” forming.


During the lecture, Prof. Wang explained the difficult points to the attendees. At last, present teachers and students spoke out their opinions about this topic and had a lively discussion with Prof. Irina. Finally, the lecture ended up successfully with the warm applause from the students.


(Translated by XIE Linzi)