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Prof. Sandschneider Lectured on Sino-German Relationship

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On the morning of May 24, Prof. Sandschneider, the head of the Institute of German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), former dean of the Politics Department at Free University of Berlin and noted German specialist on international issues, visited SIS at the invitation of the Institute of German Studies (IGS). He discussed in depth with the faculty and students on Sino-German relationship.


Hosted by Mr. GUO Yi and joined by other teachers of the institute, the lecture appealed to over 100 students including the German majors from each grade and exchange students majoring in Sinology. The room was packed out in a warm atmosphere. The discussion was held by means of Q&A, and students are actively involved in the course by putting forward questions such as “What can China learn from the successful example of Germany’s Reunification”, “How did Taiwan and Tibet Problem affect Sino-German relationship”, “What role do Germany paly in the development of the European Union”, “The outlook and challenges in economic and trade cooperation between China and Germany”, “News reports on China in Germany and its values”, “Cooperation between China and Germany on environment protection” and other hot issues. Prof. Sandschneider gave inspiring answers to these questions from international politic perspective. His lecture was near in date to Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Germany. As the first country visited by the new Premier, Germany is of increasing importance as China’s diplomatic partner. Confronted with more chances and challenges under a new setting, Prof. Sandschneider said that the two countries should look at current problems with a more rational attitude, and tackle them with joint efforts. The lecture lasted 90 minutes, a fleeting time for students who were eager to ask more questions. The end was at last drawn in students’ lingering interest for further interaction. Their understanding of Germany as well as enthusiasm left an indelible impression upon Prof. Sandschneider.


With growing communications between China and Germany, multi-field and deep-dimension diplomatic exchanges at government level is undoubtedly of great important; as well as the dialogue between ZJU students and German scholars, which has far-reaching meaning for deep mutual understanding and friendly relationship between the two countries in future.


At the invitation of IGS, Prof. Sandschneider’s came to Hangzhou for academic exchange and held two lectures in ZJU. Besides this one, he had another lecture that night titled “Germany’s self-location in the multipolar world and Sino-German relationship” as the 123rd speech of “ZJU Oriental Forum”. The lecture, hosted by Prof. FAN Jieping, the dean of the IGS, triggered a new wave of Q&A session and thus enhanced students’ understanding on Germany as well as Sino-German relationship in the multipolar world.


(Translated by WU Yifei)