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Ms. Chamard and Ms. Guimezanes Paid a Visit to IFLC

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Despite the heavy rain in Hangzhou on the morning of June 7, Ms. Chamard and Ms. Guimezanes visited Institute of French Language &Culture (IFLC), SIS, and had a close communication with the teachers and students at Room 201, East 6. The aim of this lecture was to let attendees have a better understanding of French people’s daily life and their opinions about current policy in France.


Ms. Chamard is an official in the French Interior Ministry. She first briefly introduced the work in Interior Ministry and then explained her own responsibilities there in detail. She is in charge of the food safety in catering industry. It is known to all that the catering industry in France is closely related to its culture and national image. Therefore, the Interior Ministry has attached great importance to this field. Ms. Chamard’s working experience aroused attendees’ interest so that they put forward a series of questions. Ms. Chamard answered all the questions with patience.


Ms. Guimezanes is a psychological counselor for primary and secondary school students in France. Her life is full of legend. In order to bring her seven children up, she once quitted her job. When she was 45 years old, she took the Teacher Certification Examination, which is generally for the young people in France. After that, she became a teacher and devoted herself to the mental health guidance of children from 3 to 11 years old. With the help of Ms. Guimezanes, many children turn to face their problems in an optimistic way.


During the lecture, Ms. Chamard and Ms. Guimezanes introduced their families, life experiences, as well as their attitudes towards social life respectively. The way they treated attendees is just like the way of getting along with friends, which made students have a sense of intimate. By asking questions, students got native people’s real ideas about hot events in France, such as the gay marriage bill, horse meat scandal and so on.


Two ladies arrived at China several days ago and visited Shanghai and Hangzhou. Therefore, they also talked something about China in the lecture. They think China is developing at high speed, and they are really moved by the hospitality of Chinese people.


After this lecture, Mrs Chamard and Guimezanes will continue their trip in China. We sincerely wish them a good trip.

(Translated by XIE Linzi)