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MS. Sabine Prudent from Technical University of Berlin Gave a Lecture in IFLC

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March 17, 2014


On March 12, Ms. Sabine Prudent, the teacher from Institute of Language and Communication, Technical University of Berlin (TUB), gave a lecture in Institute of French Language & Culture (IFLC) and had close communication with French majors.


Ms. Sabine Prudent said that it was a pleasure to give the lecture and have the opportunity to know teachers and students in IFLC, thanks to the international master dual-degree program between ZJU and TUB. The students also extended their warm welcome to Ms. Prudent. Although Ms. Prudent works in Germany, she was born and raised in France and she is an expert in French literature and comparative literature. Ms. Prudent appeared to be very excited when she heard that most of students had just finished their exchange and returned from France. During the lecture, students expressed their own understanding of the living concepts, educational system and logical thinking in France. 


Finally, Ms. Prudent shared her feelings about China, a vast and mysterious country for the western world, when she came here for the first time. During the heated discussion, students compared the differences between Chinese culture and French culture. They got a deeper understanding of French nation and found a lot needed to be improved through joint efforts as well.


(Translated by LEI Jialin)