Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions

University Requirements for Master of Arts in English Translation(Professional Degree)


SchoolSchool of International StudiesDegree MastersDuration of Program (years)2
Minimum Total Credits34Minimum Credits for Public Degree Courses3
Minimum Credits for Major Courses17Minimum Credits for Major Degree Courses14
Goal and Requirements:
1. ObjectivesTo cultivate experts in translation and interpretation, particularly in specific fields such as law, news, literature and culture, and ecomonics and trade. To cultivate experts who possess patriotism, sound values and a strong work ethic combined with a global vision to enhance China"s international competitiveness, and to aid China"s development in politics, the economy, culture and society.    2. Requirements.    A. Personal Qualities:    Strictly act in accordance with the laws and regulations of the People"s Republic of China, pursue an honest and prudent learning attitude, maintain academic morality, a spirit of social responsibility and teamwork, and be in good health.    B. Knowledge:     Master translation, and specialised fields of translation.     C. General Capabilities:    The program equips students with the following abilities: competence in foreign languages, awareness of intercultural communication, cultural comparison, discourse analysis, technical thinking and related use of translation technology, research, fast and efficient learning ability, and professional competence.
English Translation
Academic Reports:
Students are required to submit 4 translations in order to obtain 2 credits. These may be English to Chinese or Chinese to English. The original text should have a suitable level of difficulty and should and exceed 150,000 words in total. For instructions on submitting book reports, please see the website of the School of International Studies - Postgraduate Section - General Information - Main Training Parts for Full-time Graduate Students, the Application, Anonymous Appraisal and Defense for Dissertation.
Thesis Proposal:
Students are required to have finished the thesis proposal at the end of the Fall semester in the second year, i.e. 6-7 months prior to the thesis defense. For instructions on submitting thesis proposals, please see the website of the School of International Studies  - Postgraduate Section - General Information - Main Training Parts for Full-time Graduate Students, the Application, Anonymous Appraisal and Defense for Dissertation.
The master’s thesis uses a one-month pre-review system. Those applying for a degree in spring shall submit the draft for review before December 20 of the previous year; those applying for a degree in summer shall submit the draft before March 20 of the same year; if the degree is applied for in winter, students shall submit the thesis draft for review by September 20.For instructions on submitting thesis drafts, please see the website of the School of International Studies - Graduates - Full-time postgraduate students in foreign language colleges and the application for reviewing and defending the dissertation.
Graduation and Degree Requirements:
1. Complete the required courses and reach the minimum credit requirements for the MA program: 34 credits for courses (3 for public courses, 14 for major courses, 1 for public quality course and 16 for selective courses), 2 credits for internship and 2 for academic reports.2. Complete all assessments and meet relevant requirements.3. Pass the thesis defense.4. Obtain one of the following research achievements: 1) publish at least one academic paper in a public publication (including collections of papers) as the first author under the name of Zhejiang University or, if the second author, the first author must be the supervisor, or; 2) publish as first author a translation work of more than 20,000 Chinese characters, or; 3) gain a CATTI2 (translation/interpreting) certificate and submit one academic report (similar to report on academic research rather than translation work).
Quality Guarantee Systems:
1. Professional Practice: students are required to engage in social translation practice for at least 32 hours and to submit the relevant certificate in order to obtain 2 credits. The program is committed to consolidating  existing practice bases and developing new ones to ensure students’ in-depth participation. Students’ practical abilities are also developed through the laboratory of translation and localization technology and through experts’ lectures. The program also uses case-based courses; promotes the diversification of faculty, and encourage co-teaching by multiple teachers;  technical thinking and language service consciousness are emphasised in major courses. 2. The Quality Guarantee System consists of the Main Training Parts for Full-time Graduate Students, the Application, Anonymous Appraisal and Defense for Dissertation and Teaching and Management Rules of Graduate Students
Since the China National Committee for Translation and Interpreting Education requires that every graduate student of English translation take a second foreign language course, please register for one such course from the school’s public foreign language courses.
General Courses
Mandatory/SelectiveType of CourseCourse No.Course NameCreditsTotal HoursSemesterNotes
MandatoryPublic3320001Research in the Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics232All semesters  
MandatoryPublic0420002Dialectics of Nature124All semesters  
MandatoryPublic Selective 0000999 At least 1 public quality course. (See the detailed list for specific courses. Please do not select specific courses as an alternative when making personal study plan.)116All semesters  
MandatoryMajor0541105On Translation232Spring, Summer  
MandatoryMajor0523015Cross-cultural Translation232Spring  
MandatoryMajor0541102Basic EC translation232Fall, Winter  
MandatoryMajor0541103Literary Translation464Spring, Summer  
MandatoryMajor0541104Applied EC Translation464Spring & Summer, Fall & Winter  
MandatoryMajor0543101An Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture348Fall & Winter  
Module Courses
English Translation
Research Contents:
English Translation
Mandatory/SelectiveType of CourseCourse No.Course NameCreditsTotal HoursSemesterNotes
SelectiveMajor0543109Conference Simultaneous Interpreting232Spring, Summer  
SelectiveMajor0543112The Translation and Dissemination of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction232Spring, Summer  
SelectiveMajor0543113Technical Writing232Summer  
SelectiveMajor0543107Translation and Cognition232Spring, Summer  
SelectiveMajor0543105Translation in Economy and Trade232Summer  
SelectiveMajor0543102News Translation: Theory and Practice232Summer  
SelectiveMajor0543106Computer-Assisted Translation232Spring & Summer  
SelectiveMajor0543108Conference Consecutive Interpreting Practices232Fall, Winter  
SelectiveMajor0543110Frontier Translation Theories232Spring  
SelectiveMajor0543111Translation Criticism and Appreciation232Fall  
SelectiveMajor0541005Contrastive Study of Chinese and English232Fall, Winter  

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