2021 Summer School Zhejiang University Global Program



Zhejiang University Global Program is a short-term course-learning program for international students and delivered by Zhejiang University. Students get credits transferred towards their home institution when meeting academic requirements in three weeks of study. Zhejiang University Global Program has provided academic opportunities and practical experiences for more than 3,000 international students and offered scholarships to more than 900 students. Students also are inspired to connect with the local and international community in this program through practical learning that focus on cross-culture, Asian business, rapid development of cities and some of the top enterprises in China.



Summer school (20th Dec, 2021 to 7th Jan, 2022)


Delivery modes

Both Face-to-Face and Online course are available



Our courses are covering engineering, business, management, arts, multi-media and many other fields of studies.

1. International Finance

2. Corporate Finance

3. Portfolio Management

4. Derivative Securities and Risk Management

5. Asian Business

6. International Trade

7. Managerial Accounting

8. Financial Accounting

9. International Marketing

10. Managing Business Communication

11. Managing Organization and Human Resources

12. Failure Analysis of Materials

13. Artificial Intelligence

14. Data Structures & Algorithms

15. Introduction to Psychology

16. Introduction to Film Studies

17. Business Analysis

18. Media and Cultural Studies

19. Auditing and Assurance Services

20Issues in Financial Accounting 

21Project Management

22. Financial Economics

23. Modern Korean Culture and Society

24. Consumer Behaviour in Marketing

25. Economic Development 

26. Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a Global Vision

Students will receive an official academic transcript from Zhejiang University’s School of International Studies upon completion of the course and return to home institution for credit transferred.


Admission criteria】

You must be a current undergraduate or postgraduate student enrolled in any university or higher education institution of Australia. All courses are taught in English. You are required to have a sufficient level of English proficiency. You need to obtain a pre-approval from their home institution before applying for this Global Program.


Fees and scholarships】

Students are charged based on the number of the course(s) they have chosen. Scholarships may be provided by Zhejiang University School of International Studies to students who are academically high achievers in their home institutions.



Decent accommodation will be helped to arrange near the campus according to students’ requests and Students will be notified of accommodation details by email after they have successfully enrolled in the course(s). Students can also make their own booking under the premise of ensuring safety.


How to Apply】

1. Download course syllabus from Zhejiang University Global Program Centre web page.

2. Download and Complete related approval form (Study Plan Form/Short-Term Global Program Application Form/Concurrent Study Application Form/Cross Institutional Study Form).

3. Submit your completed Application Form to your Program Coordinator/Student Centre/Faculty Student Centre for approval. If you have no idea about who your Program Coordinator is, please contact your school Administration Office.

4. Forward the Approval/approved form to Zhejiang Global Program Admin team (

5. Follow the E-mail instructions and fill the Zhejiang University Global Program Enrolment Form.


What’s Included】

Obtain knowledge in professional study areas within three weeks and get your credit transferred in your home institution in Australia if you completed the program.

Academic transcript and Completion certificate stamped and certified by School of International Studies, Zhejiang University.

Including admin fee and material fee.

Experience the campus life, guidance from professors and well-established courses in Zhejiang University.

Learn more from history, culture, geography, living environment and customs of Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province.

Visit top enterprises of China and learn business management.

Be a student of Zhejiang University and gain friendship.


Course Syllabus】


ACCT501 Managerial Accounting.pdf

ACCT523 Financial Accounting.pdf

ARTS521 Introduction to Film Studies.pdf

BUSM508 Asian Business.pdf

COMP523 Data Structures & Algorithms.pdf

ECON516 International Trade.pdf

ENGG528 Artificial Intelligence.pdf

ENGG552 Failure Analysis of Materials.pdf

FINS503 Corporate finance.pdf

FINS521 International Finance.pdf

FINS550 Portfolio Management.pdf

FINS582 Derivative Securities and Risk Management.p


MAKT513 International Marketing.pdf

MGMT501 Managing Organisations and Human Resources.pdf

MGMT531 Managing Business Communication.pdf

PSCY507 Introduction to psychology.pdf


MMCS514 Media and Cultural Studies.pdf

ACCT566 Issues in Financial Accounting.pdf

MGMT508+Project Management.pdf

ASBC505 Modern Korean Culture and Society.pdf

ECON546 Economic Development.pdf

MGMT511 Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a Global Vision.pdf


ACCT901 Managerial Accounting.pdf

ACCT923 Financial Accounting.pdf

ARTS921 Introduction to Film Studies.pdf

BUAS973 Business Analysis.pdf

BUSM908 Asian Business.pdf

COMP923 Data Structures & Algorithms.pdf

ECON916 International Trade.pdf

ECON929 Financial Economics.pdf

ENGG928 Artificial Intelligence.pdf

ENGG952 Failure Analysis of Materials.pdf

FINS903 Corporate finance.pdf

FINS921 International finance.pdf

FINS950 Portfolio Management.pdf

FINS982 Derivative Securities and Risk Management.pdf

MAKT913 International Marketing.pdf

MGMT901 Managing Organisations and Human Resources.pdf

MGMT931 Managing Business Communication.pdf

PSCY907 Introduction to psychology.pdf


MMCS914 Media and Cultural Studies.pdf

ACCT966 Issues in Financial Accounting.pdf


MAKT903 Consumer Behavior in Marketing.pdf

ECON946 Economic Development.pdf

MGMT911 Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a Global Vision.pdf



Program coordinator: Yanling Ma

Tel: 0571-8697 1827

Address: Room 272.South Centre Building, Huajiachi Campus, Zhejiang University


Wechat Media Platform: ZJU_global


(Zhejiang University School of International Studies reserves all the rights of final explanation.)


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