The Third International Seminar of Modernism and Orientalism was held in ZJU


June 17th, 2010 

The third International Seminar of Modernism and Orientalism was held in Santai Villa on 5th June, 2010. It was a grand

international academic event in mainland China, which was cosponsored by Modernism Studies Center, Zhejiang

University, College of Arts, University of New Orleans, School of Foreign languages, Hangzhou Normal University and

Shanghai International Studies University. The two homonymous meetings before were held by Yale University (1996) and

Cambridge University (2004). Zhang Xi, the Party Secretary of Zhejiang University, and Ye Gaoxiang, president of

Hangzhou Normal University were present and delivered speeches in the opening ceremony.


Over 130 scholars attended the meeting and they were from more than 90 high schools and research centers, such as

Harvard University, Oxford University, Bonn University, University of Avignon, British Columbia University, Nagoya

University, Dongguk University, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University

of China, Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University, Communication

University of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc. Interestingly, these scholars were from 6 western countries and 6

eastern countries respectively, so the meeting was held based on an equal and closely connected foundation.


During the two-day meeting, scholars discussed freely on the topics including "modernist novel and oriental culture", ''modernist poetry and oriental culture" and "modernist art and oriental culture" from multi-perspectives and made great achievements in academic exchange and intercultural understanding.


On the evening of June the 5th, scholars attended a "cross-cultural chamber concert" held in Linhu Auditorium in Zhejiang University which was hosted by Ms. Lin Lidan and Mr. Albright. American musician John Austin performed with students

from ZJU, providing the audience with a grand music ceremony. After the meeting, scholars also paid a visit to Hefang

Street and the well-known Lingyin Temple.


(Translated by TAO Xingru)


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