Guide for Concentrators

Guide for Concentrators

SIS aims to cultivate foreign language talents with global vision, interdisciplinary knowledge, leadership potential and excellent humanistic qualities.


SIS aims to cultivate students to:

be proficient in the target foreign languages

appreciate cultural heritage and display humanistic qualities

possess good knowledge of the countries studied, Chinese culture and international standards

excel in critical thinking and cross-cultural communication

be foreign language talents with global vision, and interdisciplinary knowledge and creativity


SIS students are developed to use foreign languages in areas such as education, mass media, international diplomacy, world trade, science and technology, public service, government departments and international organizations.



Core Curriculum


The major aims to   cultivate foreign language talents with a solid grounding in English   language, rich knowledge of the English-speaking countries and   competence in intercultural communication.

Introduction to Linguistics

Integrated   English

Introduction to   Translation Studies

Cultural and Heritage Studies

History of   British Literature

History of   American Literature Intensive Readings of English Literary Classics


Translation and Interpretation

In   order to serve the national strategy, this   major aims to cultivate interdisciplinary senior translators and interpreters   in the fields of culture, diplomacy, journalism, tourism, law, trade and   literature. Graduates should   be able to   meet the requirements of intercultural communication for foreign affairs and   external publicity. On completing their studies, they should be competent in   translation and interpretation work in international organizations,   multinational corporations, government apartments and large translation   companies, or be prepared to undertake further study in translation or other   fields of humanities and social sciences.

Integrated   English

English Public   Speaking

Basic English /   Chinese Translation

Intermediate   English

 / Chinese Translation

Advanced English   / Chinese  and 

Chinese / English Translation

Listening and   Translation

Consecutive   Interpreting

Thematic   Interpretation

Introduction to   Translation Studies   

Literary Translation

Computer-assisted   Translation



Bringing into full play the advantages of Zhejiang University in   having a complete set of disciplines, the major aims to cultivate students   who can employ German in interdisciplinary contexts, and who possess global   vision and creativity.   Students are developed to gain a solid grounding in German, rich knowledge of   Germany and international standards. On graduating, they are prepared for   work in the fields of culture and education,   economy and trade, science and technology, public affairs, intercultural roles   and government apartments and international organizations.

German   Interpretation

Text Analysis

German for   Economics

History of   Germany

Introduction to   German Linguistics

Introduction to   Western Thought

Introduction to   Applied Linguistics Contemporary German Society and Culture



The major aims to cultivate talents in foreign language,   possessing global vision, interdisciplinary knowledge, great potential, and   humanistic qualities. Backed   by the advantage of   Zhejiang University having a complete set of disciplines, students are   developed to be high-quality Russian speakers with professional skills, rich   knowledge and innovative ideas. Adapting to the development requirements of   political, economic and cultural exchanges between China and Russia, they should be competent in Russian-related work in the fields such   as diplomacy, foreign affairs, foreign   trade, finance, tourism, management, news, publishing, education, or academic   research.

Advanced Russian

Russian   Translating: 

Theory and Practice

Basic Russian

Speaking and   Listening to Russian

History of   Russian Literature

Russian Culture

Business Russian   Practice



The major cultivates Japanese speakers with   interdisciplinary knowledge, professional skills, global vision, strong   adaptability and great potential. Students are required to master listening, reading, writing and   translating in professional Japanese and to have a good knowledge of Japanese   literature, culture, history, economy and society. Graduates are expected to be competent in Japanese-related work   in the fields of foreign trade, foreign affairs, secretarial work,   education, tourism and journalism, or to be capable of further study in   leading universities at home and abroad for a master's degree in subjects as   literature, history, classics, philosophy and law.

Japanese Fast   Reading

Intermediate   Japanese

Advanced   Japanese

Japanese   Listening and Speaking

Japanese   Translation Theory and 


Basic Japanese

Integrated   Japanese

Practical   Japanese Grammar

History of   Japanese Literature

Simultaneous   Interpretation of 


Selected   Readings in Japanese 


Japanese Writing



Taking full advantage of   Zhejiang University’s complete set of disciplines, this major adopts an   interdisciplinary teaching approach and student-centered teaching mode. The   major in French stresses the development of students humanistic qualities   and intercultural communication skills. According to the requirements of the   employment market, this major prepares students for the political, economic   and cultural exchanges between China and France. On graduating, students   should be competent in French-related work in various fields including foreign   trade, foreign affairs,   management, secretarial work, education, tourism, mass media, science   and technology.

French Writing

Advanced French

Audio and Oral   French Training   


Translation   Practice

Oral French

Interpretation   Skills

Intensive   Reading of Core French

Conversation in   French




Bringing into full play the advantages of Zhejiang University   having a complete set of disciplines, this major adopts an interdisciplinary   teaching mode. The Spanish major encourages independent learning by students and stresses their development   of humanistic qualities and intercultural communication skills. They are   required not only to master professional skills of listening, reading,   writing and translating in Spanish, but also to have rich knowledge of   Spanish-speaking countries, including their literature, culture, history,   economy, society and linguistics, so as to contribute to the political,   economic and cultural exchanges between China and these countries.

Basic Spanish

Audio and Oral   Spanish Training 


Spanish Reading

Translation   Theory and Practice

Advanced Spanish




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