Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students

Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation.- ZJU motto

Pursuing education via a fusion of Chinese and Western Studies. Expanding knowledge via an investigation of the world.- SIS motto

Living up to the university motto and its own, SIS aims to cultivate foreign language talents with deep professional knowledge, excellent humanistic qualities, international competitiveness and leadership potential. As the result of enhancing students’ capacities and practical skills through both curricular and extracurricular activities (known as the “Four Classrooms” arrangement), the School produces an array of graduates every year, who either pursue study abroad or are hired by employers including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, CCTV, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Ø First Classroom: conventional courses to lay the foundations of knowledge and encourage a habit of life-long learning

General education curriculum, professional curriculum, cross-discipline curriculum, and ideological and political education

SIS has always encouraged interdisciplinary learning in addition to its focus on the mastery of foreign languages. The system of open and autonomous modular curricula it offers not only promotes students’ foreign language proficiency and understanding of other countries, but also builds up their competence in critical thinking, cross-cultural communication and dissemination of Chinese culture.

President XI Jinping in a classroom

Ø Second Classroom: on-campus activities to enhance core competence and qualities

On-campus activities

Competitions, academic research and innovative experiments

Innovation and entrepreneurship training, and quality promotion

Student societies, student-related affairs, and recreation and sports

International Cultural Festival

SIS  Carnival in the Students’ Festival

SIS Graduation Party

Ø Third Classroom: off campus practices to build character

Social practices, employment and entrepreneurship training

Specialized education and social charity

SIS believes that social practices are a good way for students not only to hone their skills, but also to develop a sense of responsibility for the country and for society.

Volunteering at the G20 Hangzhou Summit

Group photo with Mr. HONG Lei, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during SIS’ MFA tour

Volunteering as liaison interpreters at the World Industrial Design Conference 2016

Volunteering as tour guides at Liangzhu Museum

Volunteering as teachers at Qingchuan Middle School

Ø Fourth Classroom: overseas programs to enable global vision, international competitiveness and sense of community for the shared future of humanity

Joint programs, exchange programs, academic exchanges (professional curriculum)

Overseas internships, innovation and entrepreneurship exchanges, cultural exchanges (General Education curriculum)

Under exchange agreements between SIS and higher education institutions in the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, France, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, and the Czech Republic, and various international organizations, over 75% of students have participated in overseas exchanges, funded by scholarships and/or grants.

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