The Institute of German Studies, SIS, initiated the International Dual Degree Program



Pursuing Education via a Fusion of Chinese and Western Studies,

Expanding Knowledge via an Investigation of the Natural World



April 1, 2010


In accordance with the fine ideal of the university “Truth Seeking and Innovation”, and in order to explore a new mode of education in the German studies within the overall reform framework at school as well as

the university, the Institute of German Studies , SIS, ZJU - adopting a social development-oriented concept,

has stipulated a humanistic, thought-provoking, practical and research-oriented educational goal and

devoted to cultivating the elites with “wide, specialized and interdisciplinary” knowledge in an

all-round development of oriental and western humanistic spirit,  knowledge, ability and quality in

foreign language research. Putting into practice the international education notion of Zhejiang University

and the school motto--“Pursuing education via a fusion of Chinese and Western studies, expanding

knowledge via an investigation of the natural world”, the Institute has already smoothly run on the

track of specialized education mode based on international standards.


At the beginning of the new semester, the Institute of German Studies of SIS scored new achievements in

its international education mode. Under the leadership of Professor Fan Jieping, director of Humanities

Department, director of Foreign Affairs Division, and dean of the Institute of German Studies,

as well as the firm support from Prof. Ulrich Steinmueller, former vice-president of Technical University

of Berlin, former dean of the SIS at Zhejiang University, Li Yuan, associate professor and vice

director of the Institute, the Humboldt Scholar, making full use of the opportunity of the post-doctoral

studies in Germany, planned elaborately, coordinated with different sides and actively applied to

establish the international master’s dual degree based on the long-term cooperation between

Zhejiang University and Technical University of Berlin and the back-up from

teachers and students in the Institute.


Since September 2010, the Institute of German Studies of SIS will select some excellent postgraduate

candidates to this program. They will spend two years accomplishing their studies in Hangzhou and Berlin

and getting their master’s degrees in German language and literature in Zhejiang University and in

communication and language in Technical University of Berlin respectively. In the meantime, Technical

University of Berlin will send some excellent students to pursue Chinese studies at Zhejiang University;

similarly, those who finish the studies will be awarded the Master’s degree in Chinese studies from

Zhejiang University and in communication and language from Technical University of Berlin. Therefore,

the cooperation between the two universities made a qualitative leap, and the major of German in

Zhejiang University has made a progress in its international education mode. It is informed that the

cooperation of establishing the dual degree undergraduate program between the major of Germany in

Zhejiang University and the major of culture and technology in Technical University of Berlin has

also succeeded in the core negotiations, and is about to take off.


Technical University of Berlin is one of the top five universities of technology in German. It is also the

biggest and most internationalized technical university in German. Twenty percent of its students are

from abroad. Early in 1984, under the guide of headmaster Lu Yongxiang, Zhejiang University

established its first international schools collaboration with Technical University of Berlin. In the past

twenty-six years, many doctor students and scholars who exchanged to Technical University of Berlin

have already become the subject pacemakers or school leaders in Zhejiang University, or

well-known scholars in occidental universities.


Outstanding students from Technical University of Berlin who take part in the international dual degree of

postgraduate and undergraduate program will come to Zhejiang University and learn “China studies”.

“China studies" is a new program designed by Humanities Department of Zhejiang University in order to

adapt education to Chinese rapid economy development, enhanced national power, flourishing

inter-exchange, and elevated international status which makes the world focus more on the Chinese

culture and arouses worldwide ‘Chinese Fever’.


This major is based on the strong power from both foreign language subject and humanity subject of

Zhejiang University. It faces to the whole world and can exert multi-disciplinary advantage, especially

when recruiting excellent undergraduate students from international high quality universities. It will 

extend the understanding of Chinese culture and modern society to more international

students as well as promoting China’s international status. Furthermore, the development of

this subject will integrate resources of humanity subject and social subject and spur the foreign

language subject’s innovative restructure so as to speed up the internationalize pace of Zhejiang



It is worth mentioning that the DAAD (Germany Academic Exchange Service) provides financial aid for

both international dual-degree master program and undergraduate program. Every year DAAD provides

full scholarship respectively for five undergraduate students from German major of Zhejiang University

and another five students from culture and technology major of Technical University of Berlin

as well as three German major postgraduate students of Zhejiang University and three communicative

language master students of Technical University of Berlin. It also supports professors to exchange

and visit each other. The fund of DAAD is offered by the German Government and DAAD is the external

implementation institution of German culture and higher education policy. So far, it is one of the world’s

biggest educational intercommunion institutions.


It is undoubtedly that the support of DAAD not only gives affirmation to the international dual-degree

program of Zhejiang University and Technical University of Berlin, but also highly approves the research

level of Germany study graduate school of Zhejiang University and appreciates the new major---“China

studies”. From September 2010, every year there will be eight students from Technical University of Berlin

supported by German Government coming to Zhejiang University to study “China studies” for bachelor

and master degree.


Let us congratulate the Institute of German Studies for its international education model stepping into a

new stage, and wish the School of International Studies another success!


(Translated by WANG Gerui & TU Lei)


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