Leaders of School of International Studies Warmly Received the Authorized


On the afternoon of October 20th, He Lianzhen, the dean of School of International Studies (SIS), and Ma Bosen,

the assistant dean, had a warm interview with Prof. LENOBLE-PINSON, who is an authority on French language

area. Ms LENOBLE-PINSON has hosted 3 lectures serially in Zhejiang University (ZJU).


An earnest and friendly talk between Prof. LENOBLE-PINSON and leaders of SIS went along successfully in a

pleasant atmosphere. Firstly, SIS leaders expressed their warm welcome to Hangzhou, China and sincere

appreciation for the wonderful lectures which Prof. LENOBLE-PINSON gave to the students of French Language

Institute. Both dean and assistant dean hoped that Prof. LENOBLE-PINSON would frequently visit ZJU and give

lectures on a variety of areas related to foreign languages; cultures and history for they strongly believed that

Prof. LENOBLE-PINSON’s vast knowledge and rich experiences could give students of SIS a great chance to

broaden their global perspective.


Meanwhile, Prof. LENOBLE-PINSON talked her feelings during her visit in ZJU this time as well. She said that

students of ZJU were very clever and active, having keen mind and strong desire to learn. Besides, talented

and knowledgeable professors and tutors of SIS also left a very deep impression on her. She was very happy with

this visit to China and ZJU, which was a very pleasant valuable experience. She also hoped that she could have

more chances to come to China and have deeper communication with teachers and students of ZJU.

(Translated by TONG Shan)


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