Ms. Silvie Lisiar from University of Rouen Consummated Her Working Week at ZJU


Entrusted by the Distance Education Center of University of Rouen (Le Centre de Télé-Enseignement de l'Université de Rouen), France, Ms. Silvie Lisiar has been conducting face-to-face lectures and
invigilating for the distance education program between the two universities from Sep. 1 to Sep. 7.
Today, after having successfully finished her work, Ms. Silvie Lisiar leaves Hangzhou for France.


During her stay at Hangzhou, Ms. Silvie Lisiar paid a visit to Prof. Fan Jieping, Acting Vice Dean
of SIS, for the purpose of the cooperation between University of Rouen and Zhejiang University, at
which they had an efficient discussion about issues like deepening cooperation. The two sides agreed
to promote the project on the basis of current cooperation, by realizing student interchange in the real
sense instead of one-way “exchange” and increasing short-term lecture invitation, etc. Ms. Silvie Lisiar
expressed that she would bring these positive ideas and suggestions back to the President of University
of Rouen, Department of Foreign Affairs and Distance Education Center, and promote the
implementation and practice of these projects at the same time.


Ms. Silvie Lisiar also had conversations with teachers from the Institute of French Language and
Culture, as well as students who came back from exchange program in France and who were going to
France in the future, in order to have a better understanding of the exchange program between
these two universities from various perspectives. She brought forward the suggestion for University
of Rouen to provide Chinese students with intensive language training, which will help them adapt to
the teaching style and examination of French universities better within a shorter period time.


In this working week of Ms. Silvie Lisiar, all teachers from the Institute of French Language and
Culture actively and passionately collaborated with French experts in their work while undertaking
their own teaching. Their collaboration impels the successful processing of the lectures and invigilating
work as well as the final consummation.



                                                                                                  (Translated by WU Yezi)




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