SIS Welcomes a Team from Japanese Aesthetics Science Research Council


September 24, 2009, a team of special guests from Japanese Aesthetics Science Research visited SIS, ZJU. As
envoys of Sino-Japanese friendship, they brought us a splendid cultural feast.

This activity is organized by Institute of Japanese Studies with great support and guidance from Professor Fan
Jieping, Director of Department of Humanitie. Professor Ma An’dong, Director of Institute of Japanese Studies,
gave the opening speech extending a warm welcome to the distinguished guests. Then, professors from the
team presented their well-prepared issues, viz. Ukiyoe of the Edo period, traditional Japanese hairstyles,
Japanese food culture and so on. Everyone present showed great interest in these presentations on the basic
necessities of life and folk culture. What’ more, students present were fortunate to witness a traditional Japanese
——the Cook Ceremony, which is a rare opportunity even in Japan. What attracted the greatest attention
was the show of traditional Japanese yukatas and getas. After listening to an elaborate explanation, students
present put on the yukatas and danced the traditional Japanese dance of the Bon Festival. When the dance
ended, Japanese Aesthetics Science Research Council gave all the yukatas and getas to the students of Japanese
Department as gifts.


This activity offered the students of Japanese Department with a chance to have a vis-à-vis contact of
Japanese culture. This activity stimulated students’ interest to have a further understanding of
Japanese culture and widened their knowledge of it. Many students hope to become an envoy of the culture
exchange between China and Japan and make contributions to this cause.


                                                                                               (Translated by LI Jiaona)


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