The International Cooperation Project of “Zhejiang-Brown Global Forum” Started



From March 24th to 31st, the director of the Educational Department of the Brown University in USA, Prof Kenneth Wong, came to Zhejiang University and launched the one-week scholars' exchange program of “Zhejiang-Brown Global Forum”. This program is an important step for the establishment of the partnership between two universities, representing the beginning of “Zhejiang-Brown Global Forum”.


As the main inviter, SIS arranged abundant visits and academic communication activities for Prof Kenneth Wong to help him have a good meeting, discussion and interaction with the academic leaders and research institutions of Humanities and Social Sciences. Prof Kenneth Wong conducted friendly talks in succession with the Department of Foreign Affairs, School of International Studies, College of Education, College of Public Administration, and Undergraduate School, preparing for further cooperation.


 During his visit, Professor Kenneth Wong delivered a series of lectures in SIS and College of Education, including Standards and Practice in Holding Public Schools Accountable for Student Performance in the United States and Local School Governance in the United States


The “Zhejiang-Brown Global Forum” is an international cooperative program sophisticatedly planned by the Department of Foreign Affairs of both Zhejiang University and Brown University. Both universities have outstanding education resources and they cooperated well. Since 2011, the two universities started discussion on comprehensive cooperation, hoping to further explore new international cooperation areas other than medicine and engineering. The “Zhejiang-Brown Global Forum” came into being under such background. The scholar exchange program, which is expected to be extended to joint scientific research and student exchange through visit, communication and discussion between exchange scholars, is the first subproject. Dr. ZHAO Hongqin from SIS was selected by the scholar exchange program as the representative of Zhejiang University and was invited to make a one-week academic visit to Brown University.


(Translated by WANG Yuyan)


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