Call for Papers 2012:international symposium on Sinology and Sino-Foreign cultural relations and exchanges



Call for Papers 2012  


The Institute of English Literature at Zhejiang University, Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at University of Copenhagen, and Department of History at University of Durham,  cordially invite your active participation in an international symposium on Sinology and Sino-Foreign cultural relations and exchanges to be held in Hangzhou, November 14-16, 2012.

Abstracts for prospective papers on the following topics are welcome. Your initiative in organizing a session will also be appreciated.


1.       The archival and library resources in Europe and the United States on Christianity in China  

2.       The influence of missionary schools, colleges, and hospitals on the modernization of China  

3.       The emergence and development of sinology or overseas China   studies

4.       The human geography of old China in the western perspective

5.       The influence of early returned students on various aspects of the Chinese society


Keynote Speakers  

in alphabetical order  


Prof. Lauren Pfister, Head Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy,

  Hong Kong Baptist University   (  

Professor Nicolas Standaert, Professor of Chinese Studies, the Catholic   

  University of Leuven   (  

Dr. Xiaoxin Wu, Director of the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History,   

  University of San Francisco, U.S.A (  



Abstract Guidelines  

You are asked to limit your abstract to one double-spaced page, bearing your: NAME, ACADEMIC AFFLIATION, FULL ADDRESS, and CONTACT INFO.  To be fully considered, abstracts must be received by June 15, 2012. You will be notified in early July of the Program Committee’s decision about your abstract.  

We are happy to add that we plan to publish a proceeding of the conference, and the selection of papers for publication will be made by an editorial board acting in conjunction with various referees.  

Please send your abstract and all conference communications by e-mail to:  


Registration Fees  

(Payable on site. Graduate students: 50%)  

Foreign participants:     £100, $155, E120   

Domestic participants:    RMB700   

* The rate covers a half-day tour, tea/coffee, three lunches, two dinners and one banquet.  


Organizers of the Conference  

Prof. Hong Shen,   Zhejiang University ,  China   (  

Prof. Denise Gimpel,   University of Copenhagen ,  Denmark   (   

Professor Bent Nielsen,   University of Copenhagen ,  Denmark   (  

Prof. Paul J. Bailey,   University  of  Durham   (  


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1. 海外收藏来华传教士的档案整理与研究
2. 教会学校和教会医院对于中国现代化进程所产生的影响
3. 海外汉学和中国学的兴起和发展
4. 外国人眼中的清末民初中国人文地理
5. 早期中国留学生对于中国社会各领域所产生的影响




费乐仁  教授,香港浸会大学宗教及哲学系主任  

 吴小新 博士,美国旧金山大学利玛窦中西文化历史研究所所  

 钟鸣旦 教授,比利时鲁汶大学汉学系主任,比利时皇家科学院院士  




文摘要长度请限制在1A4纸(WORD文档双倍行距),注意标明:姓名、所属学术单位、详细联系地址、其他联系方式(包括电话、电子邮箱等)。请务必在 2012615 发送论文摘要。会议组委会将于7月初通知结果。议论文将结集出版,入选论文将由会议论文集编委会及同行评审共同决定。请将您的论文摘要和其他咨询问题发往


国际参加者:100英镑 / 155美元/120欧元





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丹麦,哥本哈根大学,Denise Gimpel教授(

丹麦,哥本哈根大学,Bent Nielsen教授(

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