Prof. Angelika Messner Visited Institute of German Studies and Gave a Lecture



At 10 a.m., May 30th, dozens of students, including the undergraduates and postgraduates from Institute of German Studies and those who major in China Studies from German Kiel University, TUB, Copenhagen University and Turin University, gathered at Room 301, East 6 for a lecture titled “Chinese Culture” given by Prof. Angelika Messner, which created a remarkable degree of excitement. The lecture also attracted several teachers from the youth academic team of “International Promotion of Chinese Language and Culture”.


First of all, Prof. LI Yuan delivered a brief introduction about Prof. Messner, as well as a warm welcome to present teachers and students. Prof. Messener is a professor of Sinology in German Kiel University, an adjunct professor in TUB and a member in Max Planck Institute. Since 2010, she has made several visits to Zhejiang University in the capacity of visiting professor. This time, starting with the topic of “cultivation”, she discussed issues such as hygiene, awakening and consciousness with all the participants from the perspectives of either history or anthropology.


Combined with nearly one-year learning life in China, the students of China Studies actively raised questions towards their interested points in the lecture. Although they are from different countries and have different academic background, thoughts still collided and exchanged within the only two hours. Ending in rapturous applause, the lecture benefited both foreign and Chinese students a lot.


(Translated by CHEN Qian)


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