Mrs. Uta Kirchner from TUB gave a visit to SIS



Mrs. Uta Krichner, who is in charge of the China exchange program set by the Department of International Students Exchange, TUB (Technical University of Berlin), recently gave a visit to SIS. During her visit, Mrs. Kirchner intentionally spent time on a panel discussion with German majors. All present in the discussion were Prof. Li Yuan, who was in charge of the international exchange at the Institute of German Studies, the students who had made an exchange at TUB, and those who would go there for exchange in next year.


Firstly, Mrs. Kirchner presented two student exchange programs collaborated by the Institute of German Studies, ZJU, and TBU. One is the undergraduate exchange program initiated from 2006 and the other is the international dual degree of postgraduate started from 2010. Both projects were sponsored by DAAD from the year of 2010. Since then, there are 10 undergraduates and 3-4 postgraduates of ZJU who go to TUB for exchange with the aids of DAAD per year; as well as 4 German experts come to ZJU to participate in teaching and 3-4 professors from ZJU go to TUB to give lectures every year. Mrs. Kirchner sang high praise for the international pattern of German education of ZJU. She demonstrated that, the professors and teachers of TUB speak highly of the teaching ideas and the professional quality of German education of ZJU; they are willing to teach Chinese students as well as sending their students to China. Figures quoted by Mrs. Kirchner indicated that in the year of 2006, 76 exchange students from ZJU went to TUB among whom 35 won DAAD scholarship, while 31 students from TUB came to ZJU in the exchange program. In all exchange programs of DAAD, the two programs between ZJU and TUB were most successfully operated and therefore were renewed.


Finally, Mrs. Kirchner asked those students who had been to TUB about their experience and inconvenience in Germany and gave answers to the questions raised by the students who would go to German about Berlin’s life. The students’ questions and active atmosphere impressed Mrs. Kirchner a lot in the discussion.


(Translated by Chen Qian)


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