Dr. Robin Shields from UK Made a Successful Visit to SIS


Dr. Robin Shields had a successful visit to Zhejiang University in the new year of 2013. During the visit, Dr. Robin negotiated with the Center for Continuing Education of SIS and Prof. Ma Bosen, the vice president of SIS, on the issue of student exchange cooperation. The students from UK will receive warm welcome from ZJU. Dr. Robin discussed with the staff from Institute of Linguistics and Institute of Cross-cultural Studies concerning his specialty, and delivered a conversazione named as "Comparative Perspective on Development", at which they had a theoretical dialogue upon the research project of SIS in preparation.
Dr. Robin participated in the Zhenhai social service project of SIS in Ningbo at the invitation of Dr. Zhao Hongqin, and went to Zhenhai in the great snow on January 3rd, 2013. In Yingxingjiu School, he gave a lecture named "Globalization and School Culture" for the English teachers in Zhenhai with the support of President Ji of Yingxingjiu School. At the lecture, Mr. He Nansong, the instructor from Bureau of Education of Zhenhai, piloted the discussion and particularly emphasized the importance of communication between teachers in primary and secondary schools and experts on education, which could be the essential resource to broaden teaching ways. English teachers in Yingxingjiu School underwent a pleasant tea forum with Dr. Robin, asking about the career development values of teachers in primary and secondary schools in UK and the situation of curriculum reform in foreign language. It is expected that there will be more chances to communicate with educators from different cultures.
(Translated by CHEN Lu)

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