Our Exchange Students to Russia Made a Successful Performance at Tambov State’s 376th Anniversary Celebration



Recently, Kong Xiangwen, Li Pei and Qi Chang, the junior exchange students from Institute of Russian Language & Culture, were invited to perform at the Tambov State's 376th Anniversary Celebration. They sang the song, Moscow Nights, accompanying with dance, was well received by the audience.


Although Tambov is a young state without long history, the people there have tried their best to enrich their recognition of cultural identity and sense of belonging over past 376 years. The annual Anniversary Celebration is the most significant and meaningful festival for them.


Kong Xiangwen, Li Pei and Qi Chang, had the honor to be invited to take part in this celebration with other government-funded Chinese students studying aboard. After one-month practice and rehearsal, Chinese students did excellent in the celebration and showed their best wishes to the Tambov State. They received a high compliment from the Mayor of Tambov City and the President of Tambov State University. During the whole process, they not only improved their language skills, but also built a great friendship with local students.


(Translated by XIE Linzi)




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