Delegation from the LDIatUniversité Paris Nord Visited theInstitute of French Language &Culture


On the afternoon of 21st November, 2016, four delegates from the “Lexicon, Dictionary and Information Technology”Linguistic Laboratory (LDI) at Université Paris Nord in France visited the Institute of French Language & Culture to negotiate issues regarding cooperation.

Professor Salah Mejri, the team leader, and the other three team members, Professor Pierre-André Buvet, Professor Luis Meneses-Lerín and Zhu Lichao, apostdoctoral student,and teachers from the Institute of French Language & Culture negotiated in detail and had a heated discussion on cooperation in teaching and scientific research. They discussed the possibility of establishing research projects and teamswith the aim of reapingresearch findings in a cooperative way, and the possibility of constructing a corpus of Chinese-French lexical collocations and idioms. Both sides agreed on the research methodologies in many disciplines like linguistics, literature and art as well as in interdisciplinary researches, andexpressed high expectation for the constructionof the cooperative team. They also exchanged ideas on cooperation in teaching and on course development with the outcome of an initial agreement on thecultivating mode of Chinese-French dual-degree program.

On the afternoon of 23rd November, the four experts from the LDIat Université Paris Nord gave a series of academic lectures on “The Phenomenon of Consolidated Structure and Its Application”. The teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Institute of French Language & Cultureattended the lecture. Firstly, Professor Pierre-André Buvet gave a lecture themed “Complex Finite Structure and Consolidated Structure in French”; then Professor Luis Meneses-Lerínemphasized“The Status of Consolidated Structure in Language Teaching and Translation”. After that,post doctor Zhu Lichao discussed with the students on the “Mutual Interference of Language and Culture for Beginnersin French learning in China”. In the end, Professor Salah Mejri elaborated his viewson “Pragmatics Lexeme and the Third Segment of Language”in an easy-to-understand way, followed by a Q&A session in which the experts answered questions from students.The lectures were rigorous yet lively thanks to the humorous and witty language used. Theyenriched French language teaching and research.

                                                                                             Institute of French Language &Culture

25th November, 2016

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