In-Service Teachers and Staffs

In-Service Teachers and Staffs

XUE Liya



Office 205, East Block 5, School of International Studies, Zhejiang University (Zijin Campus),Hangzhou,China




Post Title: University Lecturer



2009 -2015: PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Zhejiang University

2002 -2004: MA in Comparative Education, Zhejiang University

1995-1999: BA in English Teaching, Zhejiang University


Work Experience: 

2004 to present:  Teaching College English II/III/IV/V, English VLS and English Movie

 Appreciation in the School of International Studies, Zhejiang University

2013.2-2014.2   Being a visiting Scholar to the University of Pittsburgh

1999-2004:    Teaching College English as a teaching assistant in the School of International Studies, Zhejiang University.


Research interests:  Speech Prosody; Second Language Acquisition



1. Book ChaptersLearning Pinyin in Expressive Reading, Jinan University Press. 2017.

2. A Primary Study on Mr. Tang Wenzhi’s Recitation of Chinese Classics, China

University Teaching (CSSCI).2012.6.

3. An Overview of the Studies on Tonal Acquisition of Mandarin-speaking Children,

  The Proceedings of Cognitive Linguistics and English Teaching, Tianjing, China

  (CPCI-SSH). 2012.4.

4. Book Chapters: New College English Fast Reading Book 4, Foreign Language

 Teaching And Research Press. 2007.

5. Book Chapters: New College English Fast Reading Book1, Foreign Language

Teaching And Research Press.2006.

6. New tendency in Teacher’s Education in American Community College, Education

  Exploration(Chinese Core Journal).2004.11.

7. Analysis of the Performance of American Charter Schools, Comparative Education

  Review(CSSCI). 2004.10.


Research Projects:

2010-2012: The Prosodic features of Tang Diao, a project of the Ministry of Education of

 Zhejiang Province (as the project leader)

2009-2010: A Primary Study of the Prosody of Tang Diao, a project of Dong Shi Fund of Zhejiang University (as a major participant)

2007-2009: The Three Dimensional Patterns and Cognitive Function of Speech Prosody, a major project of National Social Science Fund (as a major participant)


Social Service:

1. A group leader of Labour Union of Department of Linguistics and Translation

2. A member of Philharmonic Choir of Zhejiang University







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