Disciplines Description

Disciplines Description

Foreign Language and Literature (Primary Discipline)


PhD and and MA Programs are offered in the primary discipline. MA Programs recruit students for the primary discipline of foreign language and literature in the following five areas: English Language and Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages, Russian Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, and French Language and Literature.

Learning Objectives:

1. Adapt to the demands of human progress and social development, and have a firm and comprehensive grasp of basic theories and specialized knowledge in the primary discipline; gain insight into developments in the primary discipline including new developments in international research, while mastering related disciplinary knowledge and advanced methods of academic research in order to independently engage in creative or original academic research and work beyond the university; produce academic work.

2. Have a basic knowledge of humanities, especially literature, linguistics and culture, in countries and areas studied,. Be familiar with the basic academic trends in these fields and with national and regional conditions including politics, economics, culture and history; have full knowledge of specific research areas and topics in relevant fields, and have a basic research approach in the field of study. PhD students should have comprehensive knowledge of Chinese history, culture, literature and language, broad academic knowledge, the basic ability to undertake interdisciplinary study, and a strong grasp of both Chinese and the target language.

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