Disciplines Description

Disciplines Description

English Language and Literature


With a long history at ZJU, English Language and Literature has a strong disciplinary basis thanks to work by renowned scholars such as Zhang Junchuan, Bao Luping, Jiang Bingxian, Ren Shaozeng, Guo Jianzhong and Zhu Jiongqiang. Much research in English Language and Literature has a great influence in China.

• British and American Literature Research. With its all-round strengths, the research team has undertaken more than 30 projects, including major projects in public relations for the Ministry of Education, general projects and youth projects of the National Social Sciences Fund and provincial programs. Distinguished achievements have been made in fields such as British and American contemporary literature (associate Prof. GAO Fen, FANG Fan, SUI Hongsheng), medieval and renaissance studies (Prof. SHENG Hong and HAO Tianhu), research on the history of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges (Prof. SHENG Hong), research into the interaction between literature and visual art and western dramatic art (Prof. HE Huibin), which have won the  Social Science Achievement Award. The research team has held many international and national academic conferences and established several international cooperation projects. Team members have published notable achievements with important social value, such as Chinese History Lost in the West(4 Volumes, Chinese History Lost in the West (Volumes  I and Volumes  II), and  original monographs such as Studies on Life Poetics— On Virginia Woolf’ s Theory of Fiction. In addition, the team has published a large number of quality academic papers. The team’s development plan is to establish a research core and scope in line with the national strategy, to make studies on foreign literature more international, intersectional and advanced while developing and strengthening its research characteristics.

• Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages. Academic leader MA Bosen has long engaged in research on discourse analysis, system-functional linguistics, pragmatics and corpus linguistics. He is currently executive director of the following academic bodies: the China English Language Education Association, the China Functional Linguistics Association, and the China Association for Discourse Studies of English and Chinese; he is also member of the Advisory Committee and the Scientific Committee of the National Master of Translation and Interpreting Education. Team members have wide interests and are experts in their own research areas, in which remarkable achievements have been made. Associate professor HE Wenzhong’s main research areas are contrastive linguistics, cognitive linguistics and corpus linguistics. He is in charge of a national social science foundation project and a provincial social science funds project and takes part in many national and provincial social science foundation projects. He published many papers in journals including Foreign Language Teaching and Research, a monograph titled Cognitive Theory of Middle Construction, several translations including Metaphors We Live By, and he has edited several books including Comparative Study of Chinese and English in the 20th Century. Associate professor FENG Bing received a doctorate from the Academy of Social Sciences at Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Her main research areas are cultural discourse, sociology, migration studies, social stratification and behavior of social groups. She has published many translations, monographs and academic papers at home and abroad, and has hosted many national social science foundation and provincial social science fund projects. Associate professor ZHAO Hongqin received her doctorate at the University of Bath in Britain in 2007. With six academic books and several academic papers published, she is mainly interested in areas of language teaching and language teacher development, culture narrative research, and research on theories and practices of English writing.

• Translation Studies.  GUO Guoliang, director of the Institute of Translation Studies, is a famous literary translator in China and has published nearly forty literary translations. Prof. LIANG Junying and LIU Huimei have distinctive characteristics in the inter-disciplinary studies of translation, having influence at home and abroad. Associate professor HE Wenzhong has made notable achievements in computer-aided translation and corpus-based translation studies, with many translations published. Associate professor WANG Zhiguang has also published a number of translation works.

• Cross-cultural Studies. Faculty advisors in the field of cultural study have strengths in areas such as research on regional culture, cultural memory, inter-cultural communication, narratives of space and place, research on inter-cultural education,  research on overseas sinology and missionary texts, heritage management, cultural display and travel, study of immigrants and Chinese diasporic culture, linguistic landscapes, visual culture, and museums. Among these fields, the following researches have great influence: Prof. LIU Huimei’s research on regional culture, culture heritage and leisure tourist culture; associate professor FENG Bing’s culture from the perspective of sociology, diasporic culture and immigrant culture research, and associate professor ZHAO Hongqin’s intercultural education and dictation research. 

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