Disciplines Description

Disciplines Description

Japanese Language and Literature


Japanese Language and Literature was set up in the 1960s as a pilot program and officially enrolled undergraduates in 1978, and graduate students in 1999.  The academic team led by Prof. MA Andong has made great achievements in the study of Japanese Language and Chinese-Japanese Comparative Studies. It enjoys a high reputation and influence at home and abroad, which contributes to the foundation for the development of the program.

At present, Japanese Language and Literature has an experienced teaching and research team with highly educated early-career and senior faculty members; all teachers have studying or working experience in Japan. Associate Professor Alita, the present director of Japanese Studies, is mainly engaged in the study of Japanese Modern Literature and Japanese Literary Culture in the old colonies of Japan, especially the previously under-researched area of Mongolian Literature, which is one of the components of old colonial Japanese literature. Senior Associate Professor XIE Zhiyu is engaged in Japanese Modern Literature and Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Literature; Associate Professor ZHANG Huifang is engaged in Pragmatics, Conversational Analysis and Textual Linguistics; Associate Professor LI Wenchao is engaged in Theoretical Linguistics and is also strong in English; all are influential in academia both domestically and internationally. In addition, members of the teaching team such as Senior Lecturer ZHANG Xiangrong have rich teaching experience. The Program organizes frequent academic exchanges and every year, dozens of scholars from famous universities and research institutes from home and abroad come to the college to visit and give lectures, and high-level domestic and international academic conferences and academic activities are hosted or co-hosted. Teachers who undertake research projects also actively participate in various academic exchange activities.

The program adheres to the idea of international education, and cooperates with top universities in Japan such as Kyoto University, Osaka University, Nagoya University, Kyushu University and Hokkaido University. It sends scholars to Japan on exchange study every year, providing a good research environment for completing high-level dissertations and projects.

This program enrolls master’s students in Japanese Language and Japanese Literature.

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