Disciplines Description

Disciplines Description

Russian Language and Literature


Russian Language and Literature was founded in 1949, and its predecessor was the Russian group of the Foreign Languages School of Zhejiang University Humanities Department. It has enrolled master’s students since 1985, and now recruits master’s students and doctoral students, as well as postdoctoral scholars. FENG Zhaozhen, ZHENG Jinxuan, XU Gaozhen, WANG Yangzheng and other senior scholars have made great achievements in the fields of Russian Literature Research and Translation, Comparative Linguistics, and Russian Grammar, all of which have laid a solid foundation for academic research in these areas.

At present, the Russian program has a highly educated, young and innovative team. All teachers have high-level university doctoral degrees and have experience of overseas study or further educational experience. In addition, high-quality Russian teachers have been hired. Prof. WANG Yong is the academic leader in the discipline. In the past 30 years of research experience, she has made great achievements in the field of Russian Literature and Culture, Russian Oral Studies, Russian Semantics, Russian Contemporary Art, Russian Metrology, and Linguistics. Recently, she has devoted herself to interdisciplinary research in Russian literature, analyzing literary texts from the perspectives of linguistics and art, and has acquired a high reputation in academia at home and abroad. Associate Professor CHEN Xinyu focuses on Russian Classic Literature and Contemporary Local Novels; Associate Professor ZHOU Lu engages with Balladingsiji’s Works, Russian Booker Prize Winning Works Literature, and Associate Professor XUE Ranran's Contemporary Russian Literature; all have made an impact both at home and abroad. Early career academics, YUAN Yuxu and JIANG Lei have also achieved good results in the study of Chinese-Russian Translation Theory and Practice and the study of Cultural Phenomena in Contemporary Literature respectively. Recently, the team has published many papers in important journals such as Foreign Literature Studies, Foreign Literature Review, Foreign Literature, Foreign Languages, Journal of Moscow University, as well as publishing many other academic works. The program is also involved in a number of national and provincial social science fund projects.

The program adheres to the idea of international education, and has established long-term exchanges and cooperation programs with world-renowned universities such as Moscow State University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Students have the opportunity to study in Russia during their studies. The Baihualin Siyuan Fund of the Foreign Languages Institute is available to students, which supports undergraduate and graduate students studying in Russian, rewards outstanding students, and supports the teaching and research activities of the discipline.

The program enrolls master’s students in Russian Linguistics, Russian Literature, Russian Translation Studies, and Russian Language and Cultural Studies, as well as doctoral students in the fields of Russian Linguistics and Russian Literature.

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