Disciplines Description

Disciplines Description

Master of Translation (Professional Degree)


There are currently more than ten full-time teachers in this program. Prof. XU Wei, a Senior Professor of Arts at Zhejiang University, is one of the most famous translators and translation theorists in China. He has guided and participated in the construction and development of the translation discipline in Zhejiang University. Prof. GUO Guoliang, the director of the Institute of Translation Studies, is a famous domestic literary translator and has published nearly forty literary translations; Prof. LIANG Junying and Prof. LIU Huimei have made notable achievements in interdisciplinary studies and are influential at home and abroad; Associate Prof. HE Wenzhong has made notable achievements in computer-aided translation (CAD) and corpus-based translation; Associate Professor WANG Zhiguang has written a number of translation works; Associate Professor XU Xueying has made great achievements in translations for cultural industries such as museums and exhibitions; Dr. LU Qiaodan has achieved a great deal in modern Chinese literature translation and communication; Associate Professor FENG Quangong has achieved success in the translation, rhetorical and professional studies of The Story of the Stones; Dr. ZHENG Rui is a budding scholar in translating and disseminating Chinese traditional culture; ZHU Xiaoyu and YU Jianqing have rich experience in interpreting teaching, and the students they have taught have won awards in national interpretation and speech competitions.

The main courses of this program include: Literary Translation, Chinese Literature Translation, Translation and Dissemination of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Computer-Assisted Translation, Technical Writing, News Translation, Economic and Trade Translation, all of which aim at the overall cultivation of advanced, specialized, internationalized, technically-savvy translators and talents in the fields of journalism, tourism, law, economics and literature, as well as a small number of research-oriented translators. The program guides students to set goals of introducing foreign advanced culture and technology to China, as well as exporting Chinese cultural soft power through translation. After finishing the programs, students are competent for work in translation services and other language services for international organizations, multinational corporations, government agencies, and large translation companies, and can also meet the needs of intercultural communication in other international roles (such as foreign propaganda agencies, the mainstream media, foreign affairs and diplomacy, financial trade, and tourism exhibitions).

The program encourages students from different disciplines with various professional backgrounds to apply, with the requirement of a solid bilingual foundation. Under the same conditions, those who have rich experience in interpretation and translation or have the following certificates are preferred: (1) Han Suyin National Youth Translation Competition Award-winning Certificate; (2) CATTI Level 2 or CATTI Level 3 Translation/Interpretation Certificate; (3) National University Interpretation Competition Award-winning Certificate; (4) Other high-level certificates related to translation.

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