The 4th International Summer School for Postgraduates: ZJU-SOTON Postgraduates Symposium


From September 17th to 19th, 2018, professors and postgraduates from both University of Southampton and Zhejiang University gathered on Zijingang campus for the first ZJU-SOTON Postgraduate Symposium. Mainly professors and students of Zhejiang University are from School of International Studies, School of Humanities, College of Media and International Culture. 


The theme of the symposium is “Global Flows: Movements and Mobility in Humanities Research”, covering fields of humanities including linguistic and literary studies, translation, philosophy, sociology, media, television, film studies and cultural technology as well as cultural heritage. It shows not only the charm of cultural differences between China and the West, but also the depth and breadth of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary studies. This symposium has provided an excellent channel for both universities with a perfect platform for students to promote themselves.


Professor Tim Bergfelder, Professor Nicky Marsh, Professor Guilia Felappi and Professor Ying Zheng from University of Southampton, along with Professor Cheng Le and Associate Professor Sui Hongsheng from School of International Studies, Associate Professor Fu Yi from School of Humanities and Professor Zhao Yu from College of Media and International Culture all delivered wonderful keynote speeches in terms of the respective fields they studied.  Chinese and foreign graduate students produced their insights in the respectively professional fields and shared their own research findings. All through the symposium, the keynote speeches, parallel sessions and onsite visits have succeeded in providing young students with an international perspective and a platform for humanities research, and improving their research quality and cross-cultural communication level.



The ZJU-SOTON Postgraduate Symposium came to an end in the academic atmosphere of freedom and order. The professors expressed their appreciation for this academic event and their recognition for these graduate students. The students also agreed that through this symposium, they have gained a lot in understanding the unique insights of senior experts and scholars on the research of various majors in the humanities and advancing their academic research level. We sincerely hope that everyone can flexibly apply what they have learned in this symposium to their future study and work, and contribute to the development of humanities research!

School of International Studies

September 24, 2018


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