A Spring Tour to Zhijiang Campus, A Better Understanding of ZJU’s Culture


In order to better familiarize foreign teachers with the history and culture of Zhejiang University, the School of International Studies organized a tour to the Zhijiang Campus in March, a season of vigor and vitality. The tour was led by DONG Yanping, Dean of the School, and Prof. MIN Shangchao, Vice Dean for Foreign Affairs. Besides, ZHAO Yilin, a graduate of the School with a master’s degree (now a Ph.D. candidate at Guanghua Law School of ZJU), was invited to assume the tour interpreter.

The Zhijiang Campus of ZJU is the former site of Zhijiang University, a national key cultural relics protection unit, and the only well-preserved church university in China, with a long history of more than 100 years. The whole campus is backed by the Yuelun Mountain, with the Qiantang River flowing in the south.

After visiting the Upper and Lower Red Rooms, the Library, the Bell Tower, and the Lovers’ Bridge, the teachers also visited the Nine Streams and Eighteen Ravines to appreciate the beauty of spring in Hangzhou.






   Walking and talking, the foreign teachers marveled at ZJU’s long history of development, ancient architecture, profound cultural heritage, and open and tolerant atmosphere. All of the teachers expressed their gratitude to be a member of ZJU and their resolution to play to full their advantages and introduce ZJU to the world.


Text: JU Yanfang, YAO Yaping

Photo: WANG Jiayue

School of International Studies

March 24, 2023

Translated by ZHOU Dandan

Proofread by XU Xueying

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