About the Broward College International Course Center


On October 25, 2018, an inter-school cooperation agreement was signed between the School of International Studies, Zhejiang University and Broward College, USA at the Zhejiang University's Zijingang Campus in Hangzhou, China, entailing the two parties to found the Broward College International Course Center at School of International Studies, Zhejiang University (hereinafter referred to as Broward College International Course Center).

Broward College International Course Center will introduce American undergraduate education curriculum, maximize Zhejiang University's advantages in faculty resources, hardware and environment, establish a diverse array of internationalized general education courses across multiple majors, and carry out international education interactions such as cutting-edge education research collaborations, laboratory collaborations and other research activities with well-known international universities, so as to set up a broader and internationalized education platform for students from both home and abroad.

The Center will become one of the worldwide international education bases of Broward College. The BC International Course Center was founded in 1979 and has establishments in more than 20 nations around the world, including but not limited to the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Russia, Vietnam, India, Morocco and Malaysia, among others. It is at present the world's largest American university credit-granting curriculum platform.

(1)Diverse majors with courses taught by renowned Chinese and foreign faculty in English

Well-known teachers from home and overseas institutions conduct courses in China, with more than 150 majors available and English only instructions. The teaching format will follow the standards of American university curriculum education and will be carried out in English only classrooms, so as to enable students to fully experience the learning models and school culture of American universities while being in China. This set-up can enhance targeted English academic capacity, while at the same time better preparing students for more smooth integration and more efficient graduation in their future overseas academic pursuits.

(2)Customized and holistic schooling guidance, safe and transparent school selection

Broward College will set up a dedicated transfer guidance office at the Broward College International Course Center. Upon matriculation, a personal transfer guidance file will be created for each student, and the office will track each student's academic plan, career plan and other facets. This format will enable tailored schooling guidance, ensure information transparency between each student and their target universities as well as other institutions on the same level, and allow students and parents to select target schools and make informed decisions based on more comprehensive, transparent and clear information.

(3)Local learning, global vision

During the local-based schooling, students will enjoy exchanges and studies with more than 20 international affiliates of Broward College International Course Center. Such exchanges and studies between renowned international universities will impart students with an unprecedented global vision, while at the same time affording them the opportunity to step into some of the world's top 200 institutions.


Cultivation Objectives

Cultivate research-oriented and application-oriented human resources with an international vision

Research-oriented human resources:

Facilitate students to enroll into the world's most distinguished universities and colleges, and form a solid foundation upon which students may pursue master's and doctoral degrees, or for entry into various fields of scientific research.

Application-oriented human resources:

Focusing on employment, practical courses and graduation pathways for over 150 majors will be provided in areas like business, engineering, arts, aviation and digital media, so as to improve career development competitiveness in students and establish a firm academic basis conducive to high quality life for graduates in the future.


Enrollment requirements

1)At least 16 years of age;

2)High school graduate (already passed high school graduation examination and possesses high school graduation qualification or certificate);

3)Passes the enrollment English language test of the International Course Center;


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