2024-2025 Zhejiang University Global Program



Launched in 2016, the Zhejiang University Global Program is a three-week study-abroad program that offers academic and cultural experience to international students. It has already made a positive impact on over 4900 overseas learners, with upwards of 1100 benefitting from scholarship awards.

The program extends beyond traditional academics, immersing students in a variety of activities designed to deepen their understanding of intercultural dialogue, Asian commercial practices, and engagement with local societies. It offers multifaceted advantages that enhance both the educational and personal growth of students, such as deep cultural engagement, allowing for a deep dive into a new culture. Participants get to discover local places, assimilate new customs, traditions, and lifestyles. They also gain access to many academic offerings, further enriching their study experience. Moreover, students get numerous opportunities to traverse new horizons, forge friendships, and develop a global network.



There are two sessions for this program:

First session: 1st July 2024 to 19th July 2024 (Application deadline: 28th June 2024)

Second session: 23rd Dec 2024 to 10th Jan 2025 (Application deadline: 20th Dec 2024)


[Delivery Modes]

The program is offered in-person, online, or as a hybrid.



All courses are conducted in English.



The curriculum spans various disciplines, including engineering, technology, business, arts, and multimedia.


[Admission Criteria]

Eligibility requires enrollment in an overseas university as an undergraduate or postgraduate student, proficiency in English, and pre-approval from the student's home institution.

[Tuition fee]

The cost is RMB22,000 for a single course, and RMB32,000 for two courses.


Payment methods will be provided through email upon expressing your interest in enrollment. For any inquiries, please 

feel free to contact Yanling Ma at 0571-8697 1827.

[Refund Policy]

You can apply for a full refund before the start of the program if there are changes to your personal plans.


We can assist in booking hotel rooms within or near the campus at your own expense. Prices may fluctuate based on the hotel's arrangements, so please refer to the indicative prices on the hotel website or platform for accurate information. Students can also arrange their accommodation independently.

[Application Process]

1. Download the course syllabus  and Application from Home Institution Approval Form.pdf   from this website.

2. Get the form approved by the relevant department at your university.

3. Send the approved form to the Zhejiang Global Program Admin team (

4. Follow the instructions in the received email and complete the enrollment form.

Upon completion, students will receive an academic transcript from School of International Studies, Zhejiang University.

[Undergraduate Syllabus]

JPLL501 Japanese Learning for Beginners.pdf

KRLL501 Korean Learning for Beginners.pdf

ASCS511 Korean Popular Culture Studies.pdf

ACCT501 Managerial Accounting.pdf

ACCT589 Analysis of Business & Financial Statements.pdf

ARTS521 Introduction to Film Studies.pdf

ARTS568 Technologies, Cultures and Society.pdf

BUAS536 Advanced Management Theory.pdf

BUAS546 Data Mining and Modern Analytics.pdf

BUAS570 Business Decision Analysis.pdf

BUAS588 International Business.pdf

COMP522 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.pdf

COMX508 Exploring Game Cultures.pdf

COMX509 Media and Communication.pdf

COMX523 Researching Digital Life.pdf

ECON507 Economics of Financial Markets.pdf

ECON511 International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy.pdf

ECON516 International Trade.pdf

ECON544 Intermediate Macroeconomics.pdf

FINS500 Global Business Finance.pdf

FINS509 Financial Derivatives and Risk Hedging.pdf

FINS521 International Finance.pdf

FINS547 Money and Banking.pdf

FINS550 Portfolio Management.pdf

FINS582 Derivative Securities and Risk Management.pdf

FNCE502 Investment Management.pdf

INFS511 Business Process Management and Optimization.pdf

INFS555 Business Intelligence & Data Analytics.pdf

MAKT513 International Marketing.pdf

MAKT599 Principles of Marketing.pdf

MGMT508 Project Management.pdf

MGMT511 Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a Global Vision.pdf

MGMT531 Managing Business Communication.pdf

MGMT586 Sustainable Project Management.pdf

MMCS514 Media and Cultural Studies.pdf

PSCY503 Applied Psychology in Modern Society.pdf

BUSM522 Chinese Business and Management.pdf

ECON503 Economic Communication Strategies.pdf

ECON514 Principles of Macroeconomics.pdf

[Postgraduate Syllabus]

ACCT901 Managerial Accounting.pdf

ACCT912 Auditing and Assurance Services.pdf

ARTS921 Introduction to Film Studies.pdf

BUAS946 Data Mining and Modern Analytics.pdf

BUAS973 Business Analysis.pdf

BUAS988 International Business.pdf

BUSM908 Asian Business.pdf

COMP933 Securing Networks and Computers.pdf

COMX909 Media and Communication.pdf

DATA977 Data Analysis for Social Science.pdf

ECON906 The Application of Financial Econometrics.pdf

ECON907 Economics of Financial Markets.pdf

ECON916 International Trade.pdf

ECON929 Financial Economics.pdf

FINS900 Global Business Finance.pdf

FINS909 Financial Derivatives and Risk Hedging.pdf

FNCE902 Investment Management.pdf

ILTE915 Spatial Analytics and Data Science.pdf

ILTE926 City Logistics.pdf

ILTE992 Sustainable Procurement and Supply.pdf

MAKT903 Consumer Behavior in Marketing.pdf

MAKT913 International Marketing.pdf

MAKT991 Marketing Research.pdf

MGMT908 Project Management.pdf

MGMT911 Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a Global Vision.pdf

MGMT931 Managing Business Communication.pdf

MGMT986 Sustainable Project Management.pdf

MMCS914 Media and Cultural Studies.pdf

INFS955 Business Intelligence & Data Analytics.pdf

BUAS951 Python for Data Analytics.pdf

BUSM922 Chinese Business and Management.pdf

ECON904 Mathematical Economics.pdf

QMBS904 Data Science and Predictive Analytics.pdf


Program coordinator: Yanling Ma

Tel: 0571-8697 1827

Address: Room 349 South Centre Building, Huajiachi Campus, Zhejiang University



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