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Specialized Foreign Language Teaching and Learning for Undergraduates



We prepare our studentsfor global perspectives, and leadership roles in groundbreaking inquiry and cross-disciplinary study. They are developed to work with foreign languages in the areas such as education, mass media, international diplomacy, world trade, science and technology, public service and government departments.



Students will study the principal knowledge and basic theories in foreign languages and literature, cultural inquiry, sociology, translation and business. They are required to master professional skills of listening, reading, writing and translating in foreign languages. Students are trained with research methodologies across the social sciences. They excel with human skills and professional knowledge in employment markets of management, research, teaching and translation, etc.


Our undergraduates should obtain knowledge and skills and demonstrate excellence through a number of ways:

1.        Master Chinese language and the target foreign language to undertake communication work in politics, economy, culture and technology, through studies of literature, linguistics, sociology, culture, translation, and business.

2.        Be proficient in the target foreign language with skills in listening, reading, speaking, writing and translating.

3.        Be able to apply the second foreign language to job fields.

4.        Be an independent researcher and well trained in research methodologies across the disciplines of humanities and social sciences. 


Approaches to the BA Degree

Being a faculty of ZhejiangUniversity, we take advantage of its diverse and rich educational and social resources to cultivate our students for worldviews in innovation, the humanities, and cross-disciplinary subjects.


Approaches to the BA Degree:

1.       Majors in English/Russian/German/ French/Japanese/Translation and Interpretation

Currently we offer six majors in foreign languages, namely English, Russian, German, French, Japanese andTranslation and Interpretation. Students major in one of them. When they have obtained the minimum credits of 160+4+5, a BA Degree is awarded.  


2.  English Major 2+2 Program

English Major 2+2 Program is a collaborative project between ZhejiangUniversity in China and the University of Manchester in the UK. Students who join in this programme will study in the School of International Studies at ZhejiangUniversity for the first 2 years, and carry on studying in the School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures at the University of Manchester for the last 2 years. Upon graduation, students receive a BA Degree from ZhejiangUniversity and a BA Degree from ManchesterUniversity.

The University of Manchester provides students with 6 areas of majors, they are: Linguistics, Linguistics and Social Anthropology, Linguistics and Sociology, Linguistics and Screen Studies, English, English and Screen Studies. Of these, Linguistics, and English, are traditional majors, while the other four majors are inter-disciplinary subjects. Students can graduate upon fulfilling the requirements set by any one of the 6 areas.


3.  Dual Degree across Faculties

When students major in any area offered by the School of International Studies, they can take dual-degree courses provided by other faculties. If they have obtained the necessary credits for the degree requirement at the School of International Studies, and meet the credit requirement for the dual-degree with satisfactory thesis defence, they can achieve the Dual Degree.


4.  Dual Degree within the Faculty

Within the School of International Studies, there are three Departments, the English Department, German Department, and Japanese Department, offering dual degree courses. While students major in one foreign language course, they can take any dual-degree courses offered by the above mentioned three Departments. The Dual Degree is awarded when credits are fulfilled and the theses well defended. 


5.        BA Degree with Dual Major within and across Faculties

When students major in any subject available in the School of International Studies, they can take the dual-degree courses within the School of International Studies and from other faculties. If they obtained the required credits they are awarded a certificate for the second major.


6.        BA Degree with Minor within and across Faculties

When students major in any subject available in the School of International Studies, they can take a second major as a minor subject within the School of International Studies and from other faculties. If the requirements are met, students are rewarded with a BA Degree and a certificate for a minor subject.


International Activities

In teaching and learning, the School of International Studies strives to expand students’ horizon through international activities and collaborations. We have established student exchange programs with first class universities around the world, e.g. the University of California, Los Angeles; University of Manchester; University of Copenhagen; M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, St.Petersburg State Institute of Technology; the Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany; University of Munich, Germany; University of Würzburg, Germany; Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany; University of Rouen, France; University of Ottawa, Canada; University of Tokyo, Japan; Waseda University, Japan; Hong Kong University. In addition to the above mentioned English Major 2+2 Program, we are undertaking various activities, such as students  having an English major have the opportunity to study at the University of Copenhagen for half a year; students who major in German Studies can go to study at the Berlin Institute of Technology, University of Munich, and the University of Würzburg for half a year, or a year; students who major in Japanese Studies can go to study at the University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, orShizuoka University, for half a year; students who major in Russian Studies can study at St.Petersburg State Institute of Technology for a year; students majoring in French Studies can go to study at the University of Rouen for half a year. Students of all majors can take short-term exchange programmes of study in excellent universities around the world.


College English Teaching for Undergraduates


SIS especially established CollegeEnglishTeachingCenter, in the charge of Prof. HE Lianzhen, providing college English teaching for non-English-major students of ZJU. Prof. JIANG Jingyang occupies the director of the center, and Prof. WANG Xiaolu, Associate Prof. XIONG Haihong and Teacher XU Ming occupy the vice-director. 66 teachers from 7 institutes of SIS work for the center.


Through the efforts for many years, the center got a series of teaching achievements. In 1998, the “Student-Centered Teaching Mode”, which fits in with the learning features of Chinese students and is propitious to enhance their ability of applying English, was brought forward by our College English Teaching team in advance and arose echoes throughout the country. The project -- “The Teaching Mode Revolution of College English” won the Second-class Award of National Teaching Achievement. The 1st edition of <New College English> based on this mode was selected to be national teaching material of “10th Five-Year Plan” and recommended by Ministry of Education; the 2nd edition was selected to be the national teaching material of “11th Five-Year Plan” and in 2007 it was appraised to be National Quality Teaching Material. The team also designed and developed the courseware of <New College English> based on Network and Multimedia, which won the First-class Award of Teaching Achievement in Zhejiang Province in 2004. Moreover, “College English” was appraised to be Quality Course in ZhejiangProvince in 2003 and to be National Quality Course in 2004. The principal, Prof. HE Lianzhen was praised to be “National Distinguished Teacher” in 2006. Team members cooperated with each other to complete every task of teaching and scientific research, enjoying high reputation. They won the first National Award for College English teaching team and received the honor of “National Leading Women Group” in 2008.