School of International Studies, Zhejiang University

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Specialized Foreign Language Teaching and Learning  for Postgraduates


We prepare our postgraduates for global perspectives and rigorous attitudes toward research and knowledge creation. They are developed in foreign languages with multiple thinking skills to take leading roles in building an innovative nation and shaping international competition.



Our students should obtain high proficiency in target languages, cultures and country profiles, and they are developed to analyze and solve societal problems with humanistic skills. They are encouraged to explore literary texts from different genres, historical periods and different traditions which cover a wide range of well-known writers and their works. Students should be familiar with the history and the current state of studies on linguistics and applied linguistics, and they are well-informed and trained with research methodologies approaches to cultural inquiry, anthropology and interpretative studies. Students are able to apply literary intelligence and critique theories in practice in analyzing literary works, and are competent with using main models and theories of research across the humanities and social sciences.


Degree Programs

The School of International Studies is positioned to provide Doctorate Degrees in English Language and Literature. The programme of Master’s Degrees in Foreign Languages and Literature currently has 6 named degrees. They are English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Japanese Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, German Language and Literature and French Language and Literature.


The Main Research Areas

The Doctorate Programme

The Doctorate Programme is particularly strong in English language and literature, British and American literature, English Poetic studies, the history of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, culture and discourse studies and applied linguistics.


The Master’s Programme

Our Master’s programme is well resourced for the following areas: 

Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics: Linguistics and discourse study, applied linguistics and foreign language teaching, cross-cultural communication and translation

Japanese Language and Literature: Japanese language, Japanese literature

Russian Language and Literature: Russian literature studies, Russian language and culture studies, modern Russian language theories, Russian culture and art

German Language and Literature: German literature theories, German teaching theories & cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural media studies

French Language and Literature: French literature studies, Cross-cultural communication & discourse studies, French linguistics & social linguistics


Professional Master’s Programme

Interpretation: Tourism translation, news translation, culture and literature translation, and legal translation

Masters in Education: English subject teaching